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NMD 80

NMD 80 is a powerful detergent-based solution designed for safe and effective removal of efflorescence and mortar smears from masonry surfaces. It can be used on all masonry substrates including brick, stone, synthetic stone, precast concrete, designer or colored block. Works great to remove polymeric sand haze. The added buffering ingredients allow NMD 80 to be powerful yet safe enough for glass and anodized aluminum. NMD 80 requires no respirator when working outdoors, preventing unnecessary fines. This product is capable of extremely effective cleaning and efflorescence removal without brushing or scrubbing and will leave the cream on the mortar joints. 

  • Safe on Most Surfaces

  • Use 80% Less Water

  • Save 90% More Time

  • Spray On / Spray Off

eaco chem nmd 80 bucket masonry detergent


OneRestore® is a breakthrough product that provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power and safety all in one. Capable of removing the deepest stains from virtually any surface, it is also used to safely restore glass and anodized aluminum.

OneRestore® can remove practically any metal oxide stain (including copper stains) and can be an effective coating remover. Safe on most surfaces and for use around people, OneRestore® is a great choice for cleaning and restoring colleges, schools, hospitals, government facilities and offices.

With a spray on/spray off application, OneRestore® will save hours of cleaning versus the traditional bucket and brush method, with far better results.

  • Great for Limestone and Concrete

  • Safe on most surfaces

  • Spray On / Spray Off

  • Restore Glass and Aluminum

eaco chem onerestore 5 gallon bucket

Heritage Restorer

Heritage Restorer is a restoration detergent for historical or sensitive substrates. The product is based on our thoroughly developed non-corrosive technology. Cleaning power is achieved by a combination of over 25% surfactants, mild acids to melt metal and mineral oxide residue and water based solvents for hydrocarbon based residues.

  • * Excellent for removing virtually all stains including mineral and metal oxide stains.
    * Reduces liability.
    * Non-Corrosive Technology. 
    * Low odor means it can easily be used for interior cleaning.
    * Spray-on/spray-off application process improves productivity.
    * One product restoration simplifies the process and reduces protection requirements.
    * VOC compliant.

eaco chem heritage restorer masonry cleaner


EF-Fortless is a truly remarkable soap solution that melts away powdery efflorescence and haze from clean-up efflorescence, and helps to control its return. This product is mildly acidic and great for use on color sensitive surfaces, since it will not discolor brick, block or mortar. It can be used on slurry-dyed block and similar substrates. Simply apply EF-Fortless undiluted and wait for the foam to collapse. Reapply as needed until there is no foaming on contact. With EF-Fortless only, the product does not need to be rinsed from vertical surfaces (option). When used on horizontal surface it must be rinsed When using a sealer, rinse to remove any chemical residue that was not absorbed.

  • Helps control return of efflorescence

  • Safe on glass

  • Do not have to use pressure washer

  • Improves productivity

  • Reduces liability

ef-fortless eaco chem.jpg

EC Jet

The EC Jet is a quick coupling attachment to the end of your pressure washer designed to dilute material 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part chemical), eliminating the need to predilute the product yourself. It is primarily used when applying NMD 80 or SOS 50 for new construction clean-up. The EC Jet allows for quick and accurate dilutions while spraying the chemical with the proper nozzle already in place. The open/close valve can also be used to shut off the chemical in-take and allow for rinsing without removing the unit. For best results, a 3 to 6 gallon per minute pressure washer is recommended.

eaco chem ecjet ec jet

EaCo Chem

EaCo Chem, Inc. is a leader in developing a new wave of cost effective and powerful brushless cleaning solutions for the masonry, construction and transportation industries. Their focus on brushless products helps contractors maximize profits, reduce liability costs and increase productivity. EaCo Chem's products are among the best available and include new masonry detergents, restoration agentspaint strippersefflorescence removal, and a variety of specialty products. Conveniently available in Tulsa, OK. at Independent Material Co.!

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