Umbriano - Unilock Paver

The random dispersion of color and granite particles creates the beauty of Umbriano’s unique mottled surface, which resembles the appearance of natural granite. The Umbriano paver's non-slip, stain-resistant surface is an ideal selection for driveways, pool decks, patios, commercial plazas, and offices in the Tulsa area.

Umbriano Unilock Paver Pool Deck Tulsa

Copthorne - Unilock Paver

Reminiscent of the brick pavers used in old European cities, towns and villages, Copthorne is a virtually indestructible paver that will not split, crack, or fade. Crafted using a special forming process, each piece is uniquely altered, yet the dimensions are consistent for easy, efficient installation.

Copthorne Unilock Paver Front Entrance Tulsa

U-Cara Multi-Face System - Unilock Wall

This patented system, exclusive to Unilock, is comprised of two basic components:

• Sure Track™ backer blocks provide dimensionally accurate structure

• U-Cara fascia panels provide unlimited design options

U-Cara Fascia Panels Unilock Wall Tulsa

Courtstone - Unilock Paver

Bring a sense of old-world Europe to your Tulsa design with the Courtstone paver. The unsurpassed strength and realistic texture create an everlasting product which is ideal for driveways and accents.

Courtstone Basalt Unilock Paver Tulsa Driveway

Series - Unilock Paver

A sophisticated paver with a high-performance surface made from a combination of granite and quartz aggregates. A perfect paver for residential or commercial driveways, walkways, and patios in Tulsa.

Series 3000 Unilock Paver Onyx Black Tulsa

Beacon Hill Flagstone - Unilock Paver

The Beacon Hill Flagstone paver has a very natural appearance and is ideal for almost any landscape project you can imagine. Its soft blended colors and subtle surface design gives Beacon Hill Flagstone that relaxed historic look and feel.

Beacon Hill Flagstone Unilock Paver Patio Tulsa

Beacon Hill Smooth - Unilock Paver

The Beacon Hill paver is available in a smooth finish for a more contemporary feel. Its soft blended colors makes Beacon Hill Smooth ideal for almost any landscape project in Tulsa you can imagine.

Beacon Hill Smooth Unilock Paver Granite Fusion Pool Deck Tulsa

Bristol Valley - Unilock Paver

The moderate surface texture of the Bristol Valley paver brings a new, refined elegance to outdoor applications where a more commonplace flagstone slab may have been used in the past. Subtle color blends add to an appearance of natural stone.

Bristol Valley Unilock Paver Backyard Patio Tulsa

Artline Smooth - Unilock Paver

The long, clean lines of the new Artline paver reflects an emerging trend to minimalist, modern outdoor designs. Look for Artline in an exclusive number of colors that can be used separately or combined together to create graphic interest. Available in smooth an antique finishes.

Artline Smooth Unilock Tulsa Steel Mountain Driveway

Artline Antique - Unilock Paver

The long, clean lines of new Artline reflects an emerging trend to minimalist, modern outdoor designs. Look for Artline in an exclusive number of colors that can be used separately or combined together to create graphic interest. Available in smooth an antique finishes.

Artline Antique Unilock Paver Driveway Tulsa

Thornbury - Unilock Paver

Thornbury’s modestly textured surface and three compatible sizes allow for a pleasing random look and feel. This paver is ideal for Tulsa driveways, patios, walkways, and more.

Thornbury Unilock Paver Backyard Patio Fireplace Tulsa

Ledgestone - Unilock Wall Cap

Ledgestone is Unilock’s universal coping system that is turning heads with its remarkably natural appearance. Featuring pitched edges to work interchangeably with any wall, the design selections are optimized.

ledgestone unilock k

Pavers & Hardscapes from Unilock

New to the Oklahoma region, but a staple in the North, Unilock is on the cutting edge of paver & hardscape technology.

With innovations in hardscape manufacturing like EnduraColor Plus, Ultima, and EasyClean technologies, Unilock's pavers are built to withstand the most grueling outdoor conditions and last for generations.

If you are looking for pavers or walls to create a beautiful driveway, porch, backyard, walkway, or patio in the Tulsa region that will last then Unilock is your clear choice.

Independent Material Co. is Tulsa's only locally owned dealer for Unilock pavers and hardscapes.

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